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May 30, 2020

Brandon's Bareback Return



May 15, 2020

Gaybors Master Cut: Bareback



May 14, 2020

Tumbling Towards Ecstasy Part 3: Bareback



May 14, 2020

Tumbling Towards Ecstasy Part 2: Bareback



May 3, 2020

Dante Colle is an adventurous young man from Chicago, with boyish looks which drive a lot of guys wild. He follows a strict diet and loves to work out, and as much as he loves a good hard cock, he also loves to go sky diving.

This sexy stud is five feet eleven inches tall, has a lean body, a bit of scruff around his cute face and has a big tattoo on his chest. He has dark brown hair, and he is versatile with a seven-inch-thick cut cock and a lovely set of balls which he loves to get licked, sucked and played with – want to help him out? Because you would be welcome. You see, Dante is a firm believer in sexual fluidity, and is happy to swing any way people want him to. He is a beast in bed, they say, and has more stamina than a cross-country runner, which, by the way, is something else he likes to do.

He started work in the porn business at the age of nineteen, and he has worked with both female and male pornstars.

Dante Colle was born as Alec Mark Kompanik on August 1st 1994, and he is now in his prime at the age of twenty-five.

Dante was a male cheerleader at his high school, which shows how flexible this cute guy really is. After that, he joined the Navy and trained for the special forces. Dante has it all, good looks, a bubbly personality, and he obviously fits into any kind of uniform with ease. Use your imagination, pick any fantasy you want, and I am sure he will be right there in the middle of it. He loves to get his cute tight ass drilled by a hard cock, and he also likes to do the fucking, so he's wonderfully versatile, as well as everything else. This guy just doesn't care; as long as its sex, and someone is willing, then so is he.

He was first discovered by Corbin Fisher when Dante Colle saw a job advertised, and after replying, he has never looked back, except to see who, or how many people are behind him getting ready to sink their meat into that tight ring piece of his.

Dante Colle started work with Men.com back in September 2017 when he starred alongside Diego Sans in Boys Trip Part 1, and then in Boys Trip Part 2 straight after with Max Wilde. That must have been some kind of baptism by fire as he gets his ass screwed hard and deep in both movies. He has now starred in 43 films for Men.com, and has performed both bareback and condom-wrapped in his movies.

A few more of his movies to look out for are, Midnight Kiss with Roman Todd, Pranksters Part 4 where he gets to have sex with Johnny Rapid (but let's be honest here, who hasn't had sex with Johnny?) More recently, Dante has starred in the bareback series Gaybors parts 2 and 3, where he has sizzling hot sex with Ty Mitchell. In episode 3, Reese Rideout fucked the cum right out of him.

Other guys you can see him having sex with are stars such as Jack Hunter, Pierce Paris, Vadim Black and Arad Winwin, to name just a few other lucky guys.

There is nothing Dante won't do when it comes to sex. He gets turned on by younger guys, older guys, bears and jocks. Basically, if they have a cock, he is there. He loves to take a cock right down to the back of his throat and loves the feeling of pubes tickling his nose, and he sucks the cum out of those dicks. His flexibility means he can get into any position, and he also loves threesomes, orgies, toys, a bit of kink, and lots and lots of cum all over him; on his face, over his sexy swimmer's body and even deep inside his asshole. It's actually amazing that he has time for anything else in his life as he has so much sex.

He also loves the high life, but he classes himself as a minimalist, and he lives in an RV trailer and says he lives of just $1,000 a month. I'm not surprised, really as he is a busy man. Dante Colle has taken life to the fullest, and if there is a sense of danger in something, he will be right there at the front. Even a couple of near-death experiences when he has been sky diving hasn't put this real-life action man off, in fact, he lusts for more of it.

Just watch him in his movies, Dante Colle puts his all into everything he does, and when he is in a porn movie, he does it for real. There is no acting, this guy could take cock after cock, and he will love every inch.

He has enjoyed all the companies he has worked for, but he really likes working with the award-winning team at Men.com. Off screen, he makes everyone laugh and jokes about, but as soon as that camera is on him, it's down to hard work, and down usually down on a hard dick.

Keep an eye out for this horny young man, because the movies he stars in are pure hardcore. He fits into any guy's fantasies, and when he bends over on screen, his butt cheeks open up like a fresh peach, and you can almost taste that asshole as the camera zooms in for a close-up. By the look of things, he will be with Men for quite a while, and he is currently giving top star names a run for their money.