Boys Trip Part 2

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The Story behind "Boys' Trip Part 2" - Dante Colle, Max Wilde

Thrill-seeking pornstar, Dante Colle, and the gorgeous Max Wilde star in this hardcore gay porno by It has been released by Drill My Hole, which is one of the eight sites in this award-winning network of all-male porn.

The best gay pornstars in "Boys' Trip Part 2"

Max is a cute young guy with a bit of scruff and a few tattoos. He has a toned body and lives up to his last name. He lives for the fast lane, and when he isn't doing porn, he jerks off a few times every single day or can be found in his bedroom showing another guy or two the ropes.

He is five feet nine inches tall, has brown hair shaved at the sides, and seductive green eyes. Max is a versatile bottom with a seven-inch cut cock, and he has one hungry asshole; he loves to take two cocks at a time when he can. Max has been in fourteen movies for Men so far, and in his first for them, he gots his ass pounded deep and hard by Tayte Hanson in 'Match.'

Dante Colle and Max Wilde at Drill My Hole

Max Wilde and his bestie, Diego Sans, have escaped the city and are heading out west for a wild boys' trip. As soon as they arrive at their destination, Diego spies Dante Colle, and they end up fucking almost straight away.

On hearing the news that Diego has just fucked Dante twice, Max searches for him hoping Dante tops as well as bottoms. He soon finds the guy sunning himself on the sandy beach, and after a quick chat, they head back to their hotel.

There, they kiss with urgent desperation, and as they caress each other's toned bodies, Max gets down on his knees. He takes Dante's solid hard cock between his thick lips and sucks it down to his balls. Max loves the taste of cock and has Dante moaning within seconds.

Dante feels his boner twitch inside Max's mouth, and before he dumps his load too early, he gets Max on all fours. With that beautiful succulent asshole right before his eyes, Dante plunges his tongue inside and teases Max until he is gagging for more than just a tongue. Dante slaps his butt cheek and makes Max squirm with longing as he slides his finger into that slippery, wet hole.

Max feels Dane kneeling up behind him, and he groans loudly when he feels his asshole filling with cock as Dante inches himself in. Dante Colle and Max Wilde fuck like animals, and they get into all kinds of erotic positions as they bang balls-deep. As Max gets his ass drilled on his back, his hot cum erupts out of his pulsating cock and splashes his whole body with his load.

Dante pulls out his dick, moves up to Max's face, and shoots his wad all over it and into his mouth. To finish off our boner-making viewing, Max licks the end of Dante's dick and then sucks the cum from his thick and hard shaft with relish.

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