He's Always Hard For Me - Dante Colle, Luke Hudson

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The Story behind "He's Always Hard For Me" - Dante Colle, Luke Hudson"

Sexually fluid pornstar, Dante Colle has hot and hard fun in this hardcore gay porno with Luke Hudson, and it has been filmed by Men.com.
It has been released by Drill My Hole, which is the biggest site in this great network of men-on-men porn.

The best gay pornstars in "He's Always Hard For Me"

Dante Colle doesn't care where he puts his dick, and in this sexual fantasy, he fucks the brains out of a young trans model, Luke Hudson.

Luke Hudson

Luke is changing the world of porn, and as a transsexual, he is encouraging others to come into the porn world too. He loves the outdoors life and enjoys racing and turning up the heat on and off the field.

This gorgeous young man is cute as fuck, and although he doesn't have a dick, his body is toned, and his ass is always hungry for a cock or two. Strangely enough, this young dude never watched any porn until he got into it, and now he watches it all the time. When he isn't in it himself, of course.

So far, this is his first movie for Men, but I am sure we shall soon see him on his back once more. Luke is only five feet two inches tall, and he has a smooth, flexible body. He has brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, and is a bottom with a perfectly shaped and fuckable ass.

One wierd gay porn scene at MEN

Dante Colle comes home feeling horny as fuck, but his new live-in lover isn't in the mood. Dante tries every trick in the book to have sex with him, but his lover, Luke Hudson, just isn't interested.

The next morning, Dante has a whopping morning glory, but he gets on with the chores, and putting just an apron around his naked body, he delivers Luke his breakfast.

Dante gets a surprise as Luke puts his hand under the table, and then under his apron as he takes a tight grip on Dante's thick rigid cock and starts stroking it up and down. Dante is so turned on that he stands up and gets lost in a lust as Luke sucks eagerly on his boner. Luke takes his top off, and as he lies down on his front on the breakfast table, he takes that sausage down the back of his throat.

Dante yanks down Luke's pants, and Luke feels himself getting wet when Dante slaps his exquisitely shaped ass. Luke gets turned onto his front, and as he spreads his legs, Dante gets between them and takes a long lick of his shaved man pussy.

Dante chews on his clitoris and feels his finger soaking wet as he finger fucks Luke, and Luke starts to want more than just a finger inside him.

With Luke still on his back, Dante Colle slides his big bad boner deep into Luke's moist beaver, and as he fucks him, he plays around with Luke's sensitive clit.

Dantefucks Luke Hudson standing up, and then Luke straddles Dante as he rides his cock. Luke feels himself dripping wet inside, and Dante cums over Luke's leaking pussy before shoving his dick straight back into him once again.

Well, one thing is for sure, and that Men.com love to break all kinds of barriers. This sexual fantasy is a bit different from the rest the offer, but that's what makes this an award-winning network. They create all kinds of fantasies, and each one is different from the last, but don't take my word for it. Check out He's Always Hard For Me - Dante Colle, Luke Hudson for yourself, and you won't be disappointed.

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